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Department of Building Inspection

The DBI is the regulatory building safety agency responsible for overseeing the building code enforcement for the City and County of San Francisco. They oversea over 200,000 commercial and residential buildings.

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Pacific Gas and Electric Company

PG&E now provides a lot of services online from rebates when upgrading to more energy efficient appliances. They can also answer any concerns you may have about gas leak in your house or building.

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San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

The SFPUC is responsible for the storage, quality control and distribution of the area's drinking water. They often offer rebates when you upgrade your sink, toilet or other appliance so make sure to visit their website.

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City and County of San Francisco

Find out the latest policy and governmental news from the official website for the City and County of San Francisco. There you will find municipal code, services, as well as information for businesses and visitors.

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San Francisco Chamber of Commerce

The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce is the city's largest business network focusing on advocacy, business development, and economic development for San Francisco. They provide a good source of referrals for various business services you may need.

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San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

SFMTA handles a lot of transportation infrastructure in San Francisco. On their site, you will find information to help you navigate San Francisco by transit, cable cars, and more as well as parking permits and citations.